What is an isotonic drink?

An isotonic drink is made up of minerals (sodium, potassium, calcium, chloride and magnesium) that react with water to benefit our bodies by maintaining the balance of body fluids necessary for optimum health. POCARI SWEAT is a refreshing drink with isotonic properties (thanks to its concentration of ions and carbohydrates) that can be enjoyed daily – delivering the ions and energy your body needs to perform daily activities.

Sin endulzantes, sin colorantes, sin conservadores
Sin endulzantes, sin colorantes, sin conservadores



Sodium ionsRegulate the osmotic pressure and liquid content in the body, support the transmission of nerve signals as well as muscle contraction.

Potassium ionsSupport nerve signal transmission and muscle contraction; help prevent cramping.

Magnesium ionsAssist with muscle contraction, building strong bones and teeth, and activating enzymes.

Magnesium ionsAssist with muscle contraction, building strong bones and teeth, and activating enzymes.

POCARI SWEAT POCARI SWEAT Ion de sodio Ion de potasio Ion de magnesio Ion de calcio Ion de cloro

Calcium ionsBenefit nerve signal transmission, muscle contraction, and help to build strong bones and teeth, regulate blood clotting.

Chloride ionsRegulate osmotic pressure and body water content, enabling stomach acid secretion for efficient digestive processes

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POCARI SWEAT is a hydrating drink that delivers the ions required to maintain a healthy balance of liquid in our bodies.

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